The idea for these came out of sheer frustration with the products available on the market today.
I wanted something that would pull my hair back that didn't rip it out!  Something simple, practical, but stylish and pretty enough that I could wear to a party if need be...because I can get lazy, but mostly I just always run out of time!

I found this great fabric.  It's extremely soft and stretchy (takes a long time to stretch out)...completely reusable and washable.  In fact, washing helps it reshape itself!

I  have intentionally left them solid and try to provide a beautiful range of fun colors.
The plus, I discovered, was that it's made from eucalyptus and/or beechwood tree pulp from managed forests, with a bit of Spandex© added, the only way to add stretch.
That's pretty cool since I can't tie my hair up in glass or paper.  LOL!!  "Eco Friendly as can be"!

I make them by hand here in the U.S.A--so for those of you buying local, there's a smaller carbon footprint--
See where I'm going?
I use minimal packaging that is from 100% recycled papers that are recyclable.

Hope you enjoy them as much as my friends, clients, and I do!!!    
  Peace & Blessings,   Laura